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Technology can be the great equalizer that helps law firms grow, compete, and drive profitability forward.

Time Matters Software

Legal case management software helps you:

  • Increase

Streamline a multitude of functions such as time tracking, billing and invoicing management, and document automation.

  • Better manage firm profitability

Use reports and dashboards to make it easy to focus on the most important things going on with your practice, your clients, and your business.

  • Improve team

With high-quality legal software, you can centralize your records, as well as share case/client data quickly.

Law firms can become more effective and efficient through the benefits of legal software. These digital tools can assist with centralizing case information, accessing documents and contact details, and simplifying workflow management. Firms can save time by utilizing legal software to manage calendar appointments and tasks, track time, conduct billing and more. Software can help firms enhance business processes and quickly become more profitable by allowing staff to engage in higher-value activity.


Here is what our clients say they value most about PCLaw:

Properly managing trusts

PCLaw lets you manage trust accounts confidently with built-in safeguards to help prevent overdraws. With PCLaw, you can easily create trust checks, allocate trust transfers to individual invoices and G/L accounts, and much more.

Less lost time means more profit

PCLaw timesheets and other tools help you to capture time and convert phone calls and appointment data into billable events that make sense to clients.

Billing the way you want it

PCLaw manages different billing arrangements and provides customizable billing templates. Whether you want to use electronic billing, bill by email, or generate traditional paper bills, PCLaw has you covered.

Taking the firm’s pulse

PCLaw offers dozens of off-the-shelf reports for generating the insights that are vital to running your firm. Reports cover everything from your accounts, client activity, and firm productivity, to your financials, and more.


Time Matters®

Here is what our clients say they value most about Time Matters:

Configure software to the needs of your law firm

Its highly customizable features allow you and your staff to work the way you want to. The software can be tailored to your business processes, rather than the other way around.

Run with the best

Time Matters features integrations with other best-in-class applications like PCLaw, Juris, QuickBooks, or Timeslips. Open documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Acrobat, Reader, or WordPerfect. Sync email and calendar items with Outlook 365 or Exchange.

Flexible options for billing

Time Matters offers Billing Matters®, an optional on-board billing module, or connect with PCLaw, QuickBooks, or other popular billing packages.

Matter management and time entry made easy

With Time Matters, your calendar, contacts, and matters can be integrated into one unified system. Meetings, email, research, and more are billable with the check of a box. And with Time Matters® Go, mobile time entry is easy with your iOS or Android device.