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Time Matters 2023 Streamlines Your Productivity with Enhanced Power Views and Refreshed Interface

The release of Time Matters 2023 showcases an enhanced Matter and Contact Dashboard for quick and easy access to the information legal professionals need to efficiently run their practice and serve clients confidently. Other performance enhancements include clickable links from Zoom, Teams, and Skype to Time Matters events making it easy to schedule or join online meetings and the addition of Windows Server 2022 support.

Learn more about upgrading to Time Matters 2023.


PCLaw 2023 Versions Released

PCLaw 2023 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 and features usability improvements to our trusted and reliable legal practice management software, providing a better experience for our firms. Added benefits include improved accuracy of transaction records with additional payment types and simplified printer set-up and use with an updated print driver.

Learn more about updating to PCLaw 2023 or PCLaw Enterprise 2023.


PCLaw 2021 Versions Released

With enhanced database security for SQL users in PCLaw Enterprise 2021, and larger data files supported for backups of C-tree (flat-file) databases in PCLaw 2021, the releases provide for a better software experience for Canadian firms. Other updates to resolve issues related to reporting, billing, and accounts payable were included in these releases.

Learn more about upgrading to PCLaw 2021 or PCLaw Enterprise 2021.


Time Matters 2021 Features Integrations With LawConnect and LawToolBox

With the release of Time Matters 2021, it has never been easier for legal professionals to share secure documents or automatically update deadlines and important dates. The latest version of Time Matters debuts seamless integrations with LawConnect and LawToolBox as well as other performance enhancements to existing features.

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April 2021

New Foundations Certificate Program

Consisting of six Live Online classes and a knowledge check, this program is designed for any PCLaw® user looking to sharpen skills and prove proficiency in PCLaw basic workflows. Upon completion, the customer receives a certificate that can be posted to LinkedIn as a skill.

Learn more about the program

March 2021

Special Offers on Novum Learning Courses

Through a partnership with Novum Learning, AMP Membership Customers now receive special offers on Novum Learning Courses to help drive their success. Available courses cover negotiation, enhancing client experience, pricing strategies, and many other important business topics.

AMP Members Click for More Information

February 2021

PCLaw® Verify is Introduced

To help identify flat-file database corruption and help automate fixes wherever possible, the PCLaw | Time Matters team has developed PCLaw® Verify. This new tool checks data integrity and takes scheduled backups of your data, storing it safely and securely in the cloud.

Learn more about PCLaw Verify – Watch the recent Product Showcase

January 2021

P|T University Adds New Training Materials

New Live Online Training Classes focused on Month and Year-End Procedures, Managing Clients and Matters, and A/R Payments and Write-Offs were developed for PCLaw® users for the first quarter of 2021. The P|T team also published 15 newly recorded On Demand video trainings with updated workflows and best practices.

AMP Members Log In To P|T University

December 2020

PCLaw Updates for 1099-NEC

AMP Membership customers received access to the latest PCLaw® software updates that allow printing of the new 1099-NEC form as prescribed by the IRS for the 2020 Tax Year.

Learn more about upgrading PCLaw

JULY 2020

Time Matters Go Calendaring

The comprehensive mobile time tracking app, Time Matters Go, was updated to allow additional calendar functionality including adding and editing events and converting them to time entries to help capture more billable time. Users also benefit from improvements to the user interface which now responds to swipe interactions and displays helpful icons on events for better usability.

Learn more about Time Matters Go

JUNE 2020

Time Matters Integration with LawTap

By partnering with LawTap, “the #1 appointment booking and scheduling software for lawyers…”, PCLaw | Time Matters™ introduced integrated appointment scheduling for Time Matters users. With the integration, users can schedule several types of meetings based on available times in their Time Matters Calendar, and send automatic appointment confirmations and reminders to clients.

Learn more about using Time Matters with LawTap

MARCH 2020

P|T Remote Work Package Added to AMP Membership

Our team took action, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to help minimize business impacts for our customers. AMP Membership customers received specific information about our Go mobile timekeeping apps and Web platforms to stay connected to their firm's vital information while working from home. We added Customer Support resources, hosted Live Virtual User Group Meetings, provided free Online Training on P|T University, and our CEO, Chris Stock, presented helpful information and best practices about remote work and using PCLaw | Time Matters solutions at home.

Learn more about the P|T Remote Work Package


P|T Community: New Support and Training Resources for Customers

We aim to provide our customers with great support and state-of-the-art training resources. These enable firms to operate efficiently, enjoy their practice, provide great client service and be as profitable as possible. With these outcomes in mind, we created P|T Community which is full of resources like Live Chat Support, P|T University Training, Event Calendars, Video Resources, Product Documentation and more, to help firms utilize their PCLaw and Time Matters software to their maximum benefit.

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P|T University Brings New Training Opportunities to Users

Available on P|T Community, the launch of P|T University brought a new level of educational support and materials to AMP users of PCLaw® and Time Matters®. This new resource provides you with on-demand courses, and live online training. Advanced training courses on a variety of topics can bring users even more efficiency, save them time, and boost their firms’ bottom lines.

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Customers Get New Support Options with Live Chat

Only available to AMP customers, our team launched a Live Chat feature available through P|T Community, as an additional way to connect with support. Ideal for troubleshooting, and receiving articles, videos, and other on demand resources, Live Chat gives another helpful option to our busy users to connect with the PCLaw | Time Matters™ support team.

Learn more about United States P|T Support

Learn more about Canada P|T Support


Latest Software Enhancements Provide Go Users with Improved Experience

New software releases for the Go mobile apps and Time Matters brought an enhanced experience to customers. PCLaw Go users were given easy login options with Apple Touch ID and Face ID, some new timer format choices, and a few interface improvements with the version 2.0 release.

PCLaw | Time Matters™ Invests in Internal Systems


We understand the importance of using technology to improve the way we work. It is the premise on which our business is built. To ensure that our team has the best tools to meet client needs, we gave them better software to work with. We invested in an improved centralized database to manage customer requests and information, and new platforms to provide training and support resources.

Customer Support Team Grows


In keeping with our brand promise, “Dedicated to you in the past, here for you now, committed to you in the future,” we invested in additional Customer Support team members in North America. Our team draws from their experience in the legal, bookkeeping, technology, and other industries to understand our customers, speak their language, and provide world-class support.

PCLaw Go and Time Matters Go included with AMP


To provide our customers with additional value we introduced free use of the Go mobile apps. This is included with the Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). This added resource allows users to accurately track time, both in and out of the office, and associate those time entries to their PCLaw or Time Matters software with the click of a button. Our line of Go mobile apps makes it possible for law firms to maximize their billable hours and improve their overall profitability.

Learn more about PCLaw Go

Learn more about Time Matters Go


PCLaw | Time Matters™ Holds First Partner Conference

We hosted our first Partner Conference welcoming over 100 legal technology experts to Raleigh, NC. Value add services from our Partners range from software implementation and customization to workflow consulting and best practices. By partnering with the best consultants, communicating with them about their experiences with clients, and understanding the needs of law firms, we can develop better informed solutions to increase efficiency, and provide additional resources to legal professionals to help them perform at peak levels.


Client Success Team is Created

We created a new department dedicated solely to client success. This department expands on company efforts to ensure that you gain the most benefits from our PCLaw® and Time Matters® software. Our team focuses on building on feedback from customers, increasing client engagement, and providing world-class training resources. The Client Success Team aims to bring you an enhanced customer experience with PCLaw | Time Matters.

Meet our Leadership Team


Client Visits Commence to Guide Innovation

Our new Client Visit Program was launched. To gather more information and feedback from clients, PCLaw | Time Matters™ team members go on-site at client locations to meet with users. Understanding more about clients’ preferences, motivations, issues, goals, and needs, helps guide our software development. Client visits are an ongoing source of valuable information at PCLaw | Time Matters™. Interested in having PCLaw | Time Matters visit your firm? Email us at clientvisits@pclawtimematters.com.

JUNE 2019

PCLaw | Time Matters LLC™ Formed as a New Legal Software Entity

To support the growth and development of PCLaw® and Time Matters® practice management software solutions, LexisNexis® and LEAP Legal Software entered into an agreement to form a new joint venture. As PCLaw | Time Matters™, the newly created entity, we are dedicated to providing world-class on-premises legal software with new product innovations and support resources designed for customer success. The new Read more